Awesome online proofing

Teams can correct and approve artwork in real time, approve and correct their jobs by attaching notes or adding changes directly on to the artwork. All changes are made on a separate layer, the original artwork is never changed.

  • • Easy to use
  • • Pent Net has over 10 years experience in proofing software
  • • TGA compliant
  • • Full audit tail of every action and version
  • • Powerful collaboration software
  • • Open system, easily connects to other software systems

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Get your products to market in record time

Shorten your artwork
approval time

Speeds up the client approval process by up to 70%, enabling you to get more business and more output, and increasing your profitability. Documents can be reviewed, edited, and updated from any web browser at any time. Proof Manager is designed to work well with even very slow Internet connections, and since document retrieval does not require any software installation for client workstations, administration is a piece of cake.


Proof Manager supports complete annotations for all our supported formats. It allows personalised on-demand collaborative artwork editing and annotations over the web.

Increase productivity

By using the Proof Manager system, it is easier to manage the constant flow of information and maintain higher quality and greater efficiency.  Proof Manager is a powerful print management system, capable of high-speed access from anywhere in the world.

Improve customer

By extending your corporate knowledge, customers and team members can gain higher productivity due to less time wasted waiting for artwork thereby increasing the satisfaction of your clientele. Even allowing access over slower, modem lines is perfectly viable.

No limitations
/ Greater choices

Since Proof Manager is based on Open standards and an Open architecture, you can choose to build your information knowledge management system without being limited to what a single vendor has to offer. Greater choices translate into lower risks and better solutions.

Get what you need

Whether what you need is a complete pre press management system, a digital proofing system, faster and better artwork presentation, or something to improve the communication between you and your customers and your teams. Pent Net has the technology that can give your business that added edge.

Products & Plans

Pent Net's systems are advanced database hubs, providing fast, easy permission-based access to current versions of the correct assets. The system uses a secure web browser, both over corporate networks and globally via the Internet. 


The system transforms the supply chain, removing bottlenecks and streamlining production. Pent Net serves as a “work area” where production is a collaborative process between team members, marketing managers, legal advisors and other contributors. 


Pent Net can potentially store millions of assets in a centralized bank like vault, providing easy access to the latest approved assets, all indexed and automatically versioned.

Proof Manager

This amazing system speeds up the client approval process by up to 70%, enabling you to get more business and more output, while increasing your profitability.


Pent Net systems are full artwork approval tools for printing, packaging, labelling, FMCG, Pharma, wine and pre press industries. Our systems are easy to use, and they come complete with all the relevant industry specific features you need to get the job done.

Brand Manager

The Brand Manager module is perfect for corporates that have many approver's.


Each team member can view and make corrections to artwork and send them to different departments such as regulatory, legal, marketing and quality. Each different department can view each other's comments and is always up-to-date with the status of the project, and like all our modules we keep a full detailed history of each stage of the process.


Working teams could be in the same office or in different countries and time zones. They can commission projects, and issue briefs and approvals, which are expedited through our unique workflow with integrated emailing between workgroup members.


Digital Asset Management is an advanced database hub, providing fast, easy permission-based access to current versions of the correct assets. Pent Net's Digital Asset Management system is a highly scalable solution to store, manage and retrieve digital assets for online distribution via a normal web browser.


Digital Assets can be stored in over a 100 different formats and automatically converted on the fly to over another 100 different formats.